Our network

HOSTKEY’s network is built on reliable and secure equipment from leading global manufacturers such as Cisco and Arista and it is connected to the largest carriers and traffic exchange points, which guarantees the availability of resources.

The Netherlands

HOSTKEY has a reserved connection to Serverius, HE.net networks and several traffic exchange points, in particular AMS-IX, Speed-IX, Data-IX and Global-IX

  • Serverius
    The Serverius network provides a mixture of a large number of peering and ip-transit providers: AMS-IX, SPEED-IX, DE-CIX, GTT Tinet, Level3, DE-CIX, TATA communications, NL-IX, RETN and many other partial and full transit and private fiber peers.

  • HE.net
    Hurricane Electric operates its own global IPv4 and IPv6 network and is considered the largest IPv6 backbone in the world as measured by the number of networks connected. Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to over 200 major exchange points and exchanges traffic directly with more than 7,500 different networks. Employing a resilient fiber-optic topology, Hurricane Electric has no less than five redundant 100G paths crossing North America, five separate 100G paths between the U.S. and Europe, and 100G rings in Europe and Asia. Hurricane also has a ring around Africa, and a PoP in Australia. See HE 3D Network Map.

  • AMS-IX, Speed-IX, Data-IX and Global-IX
    Connecting to internet exchange providers allows our clients to access the best route to resources on the Internet.

It allows us to provide our clients’ networks with excellent connectivity with minimal lag, thus ensuring complete redundancy.

The United States of America

HOSTKEY’s network in New York is connected to HE.net and the Webair network, ensuring excellent connectivity and flexible traffic routing.

  • HE.net
    Hurricane Electric's International Internet backbone is ranked among the top in the world. Connections ranging from multiple 10GigE (10,000 Mbps) to multiple 100GigE (100 Gbps) form rings connecting Hurricane’s core routers. See HE 3D Network Map.

  • WebAir
    Webair maintains direct, carrier-neutral connectivity to providers for primary transit, including Verizon, Level 3 Communications, GTT Communications and TeliaSonera; for transport, providers include Verizon Business; Verizon Core; Lightpath; Lightower Fiber Networks; AboveNet (now part of Zayo Group); XO Communications; and GigLinx. Learn more about WebAir


HOSTKEY is connected to the networks of such telecom operators as RETN, Filanco, MMTS, TTK, iHome/W-IX, Data-IX, Gloabal-IX, Piter-IX which have direct channels to DATAPRO data centers. Their networks are based on highly reliable telecommunications equipment and have multiple redundancies that provide network accessibility for server equipment.

  • RETN
    RETN's network covers 3 continents, including 41 countries, and it has more than 300 points of presence and has 119,000 km of fiber optics in its network.

  • Filanco
    Filanco's network consists of its own fiber-optic network in Moscow and St. Petersburg with a total length of over 2,000 kilometers. The core of the network uses the most modern network equipment from Cisco and Juniper. The capacity of CityTelecom's external channels is more than 200 Gbps.

  • TTK
    Fiber-optic backbones laid along railway mainlines have a total length of over 53,000 kilometers. In fact, it covers the entire densely-populated heartland of Russia, stretching from its western to its eastern borders. The digital backbone network has more than 1,000 points of resource allocation in all the regions of the country where the main industrial infrastructure is concentrated.There are currently 21 border crossings. Taking into account domestic interfaces with global operators, the total capacity of the external network connections is about 720 Gbps.

  • MMTS
    MMTS provides dedicated channels to China and Asia.

    Our connection to networks makes it possible to provide services with a high level of accessibility not only in the Russian Federation:

  • The network uses Internet Exchange nodes in Europe, the USA and Asia, and it is constantly growing

  • It is capable of maintaining 100G channels, with a total of 7.2Tbit/s per fiber pair.

  • For better network performance and to decrease latency, our Russian network has a direct and redundant bandwidth link to mainland China that allows us to provide our Asian customers with exceptional connectivity.

    Test your Internet connection speed to our locations in Russia, the Netherlands and the United States of America.

Looking Glass

Looking Glass allows you to perform basic checks and diagnostics on the HOSTKEY Network status and retrieve data from the routing table. This service is designed primarily for users who have a basic understanding of the functioning of the Internet.

Private Connectivity to Hybrid Environments

We can provide private connectivity with end-to-end service assurance from customer premises to private cloud, SaaS, and hyperscale clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. We connect to customers’ existing network via private transport, MPLS, physical cross-connect, interconnection fabrics. HOSTKEY also manages connectivity, security and performance across customers’ hybrid environments.

Google cloud

Google cloud

Google cloud

Google cloud

Google cloud

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