Looking Glass

Open looking glass.

Looking Glass allows you to perform basic checks and diagnostics on the HOSTKEY Network status and retrieve data from the routing table. This service is designed primarily for users who have a basic understanding of the functioning of the Internet.

Looking Glass allows you to remotely check the following HOSTKEY network parameters: route, response time, and trace to the desired host. Looking Glass allows you to view the parameters of access to Internet addresses using the following tools:

BGP – view the active route to the corresponding resource from the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) network protocol table. BGP is the main dynamic routing protocol on the Internet. BGP is designed to exchange routing information not between individual routers, but between autonomous systems. BGP does not use technical metrics, but rather chooses the best route based on the rules of the network.

Ping - view the availability and delay of RTD (Round Trip Delay) data packets from the HOSTKEY network to a specific Internet resource. Ping is a command that allows you to determine the availability and quality of communication with a given Internet resource. The Ping command will return a list of responses (ICMP Echo-Reply). Moreover, the time between sending a request and receiving a response allows you to determine the two-way delays (RTT) along the route and the frequency of packet loss, that is, to determine the load of data transmission channels and intermediate devices.

Traceroute – view which routers provide access from the HOSTKEY network to a specified Internet resource, as well as the delay of RTD data packets to each of these routers. Traceroute is a command that allows you to trace the path of packets through the IP network from point A to point B. The result of the Traceroute operation will be a list of all the intermediate nodes located between A and B, as well as the delay time to each intermediate node; that is, the time it takes a packet to go there and back again.

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