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Proxmox VE Support & Hardware

Do you need comprehensive help with Proxmox VE?

At HOSTKEY, you can rely on our team of experienced technicians to expertly help you set up, configure and support Proxmox solutions of any level of complexity, whether on your own servers or on those you've rented from us. We can also help you customize virtualisation settings and configure your own cluster with any level of complexity. We offer comprehensive support for all your Proxmox requirements.

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What do we offer?

Single-node virtualization environment

Proxmox fits on any of our dedicated servers. We offer an automated deployment process, management packages and optional enterprise licenses.

Clustered Deployments

Do you need more than one virtualization node? We can create a cluster for you. We offer:

  • A set of compute nodes with integrated SSD on 10G connectivity
  • Backups & Firewall
  • Enterprise licenses
  • Optional management package

The cluster is deployed via an automated script and is designed in this way:

  1. Front-end security - Cisco ASA5520 or other firewall to provide network security
  2. Cisco Nexus 10G switches to ensure proper and reliable operation of the cluster network
  3. 3+ compute nodes to provide your environment with high availability support and smooth operation
  4. Backup server to back up all VM data with proper retention using Proxmox Backup Server

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HOSTKEY team advantages

As a web hosting provider, we boast extensive expertise in virtualization technologies. Our team of experienced engineers, coupled with our round-the-clock support team, is committed to delivering top-notch services that will ensure your cluster remains operational for years to come, safeguarded from cyber threats. With our comprehensive support, customers can focus solely on their business and services, without worrying about the complexities of the underlying technology.

  • Virtualization technology knowledge Virtualization technology knowledge
    Our team has a comprehensive understanding of virtualization technology, including hypervisors, virtual machines and containerization. This includes understanding the underlying hardware and network requirements for virtualization.
  • Proxmox expertise Proxmox expertise
    The HOSTKEY team has extensive knowledge of Proxmox, including its features, capabilities and limitations. They should be proficient in working with Proxmox on both a technical and administrative level.
  • Network and storage skills Network and storage skills
    A thorough understanding of networking and storage technologies is essential for deploying and managing virtualized environments. Our technicians have knowledge of network topologies, protocols and storage solutions.
  • Troubleshooting skills Troubleshooting skills
    We have strong troubleshooting skills to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise in the virtualized environment.
  • Automation skills Automation skills
    As virtualized environments can quickly become complex, automation skills are critical to efficiently maintain and manage the infrastructure. We are able to automate routine tasks and create scripts to help manage the virtualized environment.
  • Security knowledge Security knowledge
    The HOSTKEY team uses the best security practices to protect the virtualized environment from potential threats. We develop and implement security policies, configure firewalls and perform vulnerability assessments.
  • Communication skills Communication skills
    Our managers and engineers communicate effectively with all stakeholders, including users, management and vendors. We explain technical issues in non-technical terms and keep you regularly updated on the status of the virtualized environment.

What is Proxmox Virtual Environment?

Proxmox allows you to create and manage virtual machines and containers on a single web-based interface. It supports various virtualization technologies, including KVM and LXC containerization. Proxmox can be deployed on bare-metal hardware or as a virtual machine and offers features such as live migration, high availability, backup and restore, and a comprehensive API for automation and integration. Proxmox also allows you to manage multiple hosts, clusters, and storage systems from a single interface. Clusters enable you to manage multiple Proxmox hosts as a single entity, which can provide improved performance, redundancy, and scalability for your virtualized environment.

Features and Advantages of Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE offers a powerful, easy-to-use and flexible hyper-converged infrastructure solution that is suitable for both small and large deployments.


User-friendly web interface

Using Proxmox VE is a breeze as it offers a sleek and user-friendly graphical interface that enables you to perform all management tasks effortlessly. On top of that, you get to view a comprehensive history of every task executed across all nodes, including backup operations, live migration, software-defined storage, and HA-triggered activities. Thanks to the multi-master feature, you can manage your entire cluster from any node, eliminating the need for a dedicated manager node.


Support for virtualization and containerization

Proxmox VE supports both virtualization and containerization, offering flexibility and the ability to choose the technology that best suits your needs.


Software-defined storage

Proxmox VE includes a software-defined storage solution that allows users to create and manage storage resources directly from the Proxmox VE web interface. This feature simplifies the management of storage resources by eliminating the need for external devices.


High availability

Proxmox VE supports high availability clusters (HA), which enable seamless failover in the event of hardware or software failures. This ensures that critical applications remain available in the event of a failure.


Active community

The community of Proxmox VE is composed of developers and users who help build the software. It also has a support team that is available to help other users. This community-driven approach ensures that the software remains up-to-date and meets the needs of users.

FAQ about Proxmox solution

What is Proxmox VE, and what can it do?

Proxmox VE is open source software for hyper-converged infrastructures that provides virtualization, containerization, and software-defined storage capabilities. It allows users to create and manage virtual machines and containers as well as storage resources from a single web interface.

Which virtualization technologies are supported by Proxmox VE?

Proxmox VE supports two virtualization technologies: kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) and Linux container (LXC). KVM provides full virtualization, while LXC provides containerization.

Which storage technologies are supported by Proxmox VE?

Proxmox VE supports multiple storage technologies, including local storage, Network File System (NFS), Storage Area Network (SAN) and Software-defined Storage (SDS). SDS allows users to create and manage storage resources directly from the Proxmox VE web interface.

What is a Proxmox VE cluster and how does it work?

A Proxmox VE cluster is a group of physical servers that are interconnected and configured to work together to provide high availability and load balancing. The cluster uses shared storage resources and enables non-disruptive migration of virtual machines and containers between physical servers.

Is the use of Proxmox VE free of charge, or is a license required?

The use of Proxmox VE is free of charge and does not require a license. However, you can purchase a subscription that provides additional features and support services, such as access to the Proxmox VE Enterprise Repository, technical support and software updates. You can order comprehensive Proxmox support from HOSTKEY.

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After launching another successful IP — HUNT: Showdown, a competitive first-person PvP bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements, Crytek aimed to bring this amazing game for its end-users. We needed a hosting provider that can offer us high-performance servers with great network speed, latency, and 24/7 support.
Stefan Neykov Crytek
doXray has been using HOSTKEY for the development and the operation of our software solutions. Our applications require the use of GPU processing power. We have been using HOSTKEY for several years and we are very satisfied with the way they operate. New requirements are setup fast and support follows up after the installation process to check if everything is as requested. Support during operations is reliable and fast.
Wimdo Blaauboer doXray
We would like to thank HOSTKEY for providing us with high-quality hosting services for over 4 years. Lp-label has been able to conduct many of its more than 100 million daily measurements through HOSTKEY’s servers, making our meteorological coverage even more complete.
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