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    Dual CPU bare metal servers

    Dedicated Servers for hosting providers with a 50% discount

    Discover affordable dedicated servers for hosting providers, situated in a top-tier Amsterdam data center in the Netherlands. Take advantage of our special offer: free setup and a 50% discount on the first 3 months.

    • Latest-Gen & Cost-Effective Intel/AMD CPUs: Proven Performance
    • Up to 1,5Tb RAM
    • Up to 12 LFF/SFF disks with hardware RAID
    • Optional NVMe drives
    • Optional GPU cards - Nvidia A4000, A5000
    • 1 Gbps unmetered port free and 10G optional
    • Bring your own IPs/AS for free
    • 10G private VLAN ports
    • Shared upstream capacity via private 10G switch (optional)
    • Private VPN for IPMI server management
    • Free DDoS protection
    • cPanel, ISPmanager, SolusVM, oVirt, Proxmox VE and ESXI setup and maintenance
    • Custom network and hardware setup for your environment
    • Custom clusters planning, setup and maintenance

    🔶 7 days trial 🔶 50% OFF on the first 3 months 🔶 50% OFF for a backup server

    Please contact us for a custom discount quote.

    Order a high-performance server

    We offer servers equipped with pre-installed virtualization software such as Proxmox VE and VMWare.
    So you can flexibly choose the most suitable solution for you during the ordering process.
    Server prices shown are exclusive of discounts. Please contact us for a custom discount quote.

    Due to high demand, the number of instant servers is currently limited. You can order custom servers with 2xEPYC 9354 CPUs. Delivery time is from 1 business day. Please pay attention! The 50% discount for the first three months and the trial period do not apply to custom servers.

    You can instantly cancel your server. Unused funds will be credited to your account balance, ready to be used for payment for other services. Refund Policy

    The selected collocation region is applied for all components below.


    Rent or Buy IP addresses in minutes on the InterLIR marketplace and announce them on HOSTKEY servers!

    /24 subnet for €90 — €200 monthly. is a global marketplace for buying, selling and leasing IPv4 addresses. It offers a wide range of IP resources from different regions at competitive prices.

    With, you can rent or buy IP addresses in minutes and hassle-free.

    HOSTKEY offers free BYOIP (Bring your own IP) and BYOAS (Bring your own AS) services.

    Here are some of the benefits of using

    • — Wide selection of IP ranges from various regions
    • — Competitive pricing
    • — Streamlined and transparent process
    • — Secure and GDPR-compliant platform

    Visit today to rent or buy IP addresses and use them on HOSTKEY servers!

    Announce your IP or AS

    HOSTKEY has maintained close relationships with leading virtualization technology companies for several years.

    • Our range of dedicated bare metal servers is tailored to support best-in-class virtualization software such as VMware, Proxmox and oVirt.
    • Server virtualization involves installing a hypervisor on a bare-metal server, which enables partitioning and isolation of various resources into virtual machines. Essentially, this process converts physical resources into virtual ones, resulting in more efficient resource utilization. By extending the secured resources of physical hardware with improved flexibility, scalability and availability, server virtualization ultimately increases application performance and service delivery while facilitating the development of a robust IT infrastructure.

    What comes with the server?


    • Latest-Gen CPUs: 2x Xeon Gold 5220R 5220R 2.2GHz (48 cores) and 6226R 2.9GHz (32 cores)
      Cost-Effective CPUs: Intel Xeon 2x2680v2 2.8GHz (20 cores)/ 2x AMD EPYC 7551 2.1GHz (64 cores)
    • Up to 1,5Tb RAM via 24x DDR3 DIMMs
    • Hardware RAID (optional)
    • Up to 12x LFF SAS/SATA drives
    • GPU cards support
    • Dual 750W PSU
    • Enterprise remote control
    • Fully compatible with Windows Server, VMWare, and many other systems


    • 1Gbps unmetered Internet connection (fair usage policy applies) and 10G optional
    • 1 IPv4 address and IPv6 block
    • DDoS Protection
    • BGP services: we can announce your AS and/or IP range from our network equipment - for FREE
    • 10G private VLAN
    • Shared upstream capacity via private 10G switch (optional)
    • Private VPN for IPMI server management


    • Premium location in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    • 24/7 support
    • cPanel, ISPmanager, SolusVM, oVirt, Proxmox VE and ESXI setup and maintenance
    • Custom network and hardware setup for your environment
    • Custom clusters planning, setup and maintenance
    • Private VPN for IPMI server management
    • Reliable datacenter with redundant power and Internet access
    • Free replacements
    • Quick services and deploy

    Our Advantages

    • Premium Network Premium Network
      HOSTKEY has a reserved connection to network and several traffic exchange points, in particular AMS-IX, Speed-IX, Data-IX and Global-IX. It allows us to provide our clients with excellent network connectivity with minimal lag, thus ensuring complete redundancy.
    • DDOS Protection DDoS Protection
      With the protection of our proprietary cyber-security stack, Shield, you are in safe hands. It will deflect all incoming attacks, large or small. Furthermore, the tool will enable you to monitor any incoming floods and easily toggle between different levels of protection.
    • Rapid Support Rapid Support
      Help when and where you need it 24/7 via a range of messengers, email, and live chat. Support requests are typically addressed in less than 15 minutes.
    • Private LAN Private LAN
      Secure and private communication among servers on your VLAN.
    • No faceless Standards Custom Pricing
      We go the extra mile building custom servers to your specifications, all within your budget constraints within reason.
    • Server Monitoring Server Monitoring
      Our system monitors your servers for an array of metrics giving you unique insight into the health and functioning of the whole system, and thus minimizing any downtime.

    We offer these perks for hosting providers

    • Free setup
    • 7-days trial period
    • 50% discount for the first 3 months
    • 20% discount for the entire rental period for VPS hosting providers
    • 50% discount for backup servers for the entire rental period
    • BGP services: we can announce your AS and/or IP range from our network equipment - for FREE

    All our servers are fully tested prior to deployment and loaded with the latest BIOS and firmware. If something goes wrong with the server, we will replace the faulty part or the whole system within several hours.

    We have an amazing offer for hosters!

    Why wait? If you're interested, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

    HOSTKEY Dedicated servers and cloud solutions Pre-configured and custom dedicated servers. AMD, Intel, GPU cards, Free DDoS protection amd 1Gbps unmetered port 30
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