We offer GPU servers with next-generation professional RTX A5500 cards

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HOSTKEY is once again expanding its GPU server fleet with the addition of configurations built with professional-grade RTX A5500 graphics cards.


GPU servers with the latest generation of graphics cards are now available for pre-order:

Servers equipped with 1x RTX A5500 and AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and IPMI €386 /mo 

You can also use our convenient online configurator to order a custom-built server for your specific needs.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that servers with NVIDIA RTX 3090/3080 cards are temporarily not displayed on our website, but they are still available for order by contacting the HOSTKEY sales department.

The new NVIDIA RTX A5500 graphics card was announced by NVIDIA at the 2022 GTC conference. The older model was primarily intended for use as part of powerful workstations for high-load applications such as machine learning, transcoding, and other tasks.

The RTX A5500 card has similar specifications to the RTX 3090Ti gaming graphics card, but with a different type of memory. The RTX A5500 workstation model has GDDR6 memory with EEC support, while the RTX 3090Ti gaming GPU has GDDR6X memory.

This latest iteration of the GPU is built on Ampere architecture with RT cores of the second generation, as well as third-generation tensor cores. The video card is distinguished by the inclusion of 24 GB of GDDR6 memory with ECC error correction. Its peak memory bandwidth can reach 768 GB/s.

The 8nm NVIDIA RTX A5500 accelerator boasts 10,240 CUDA cores, 80 RT cores, and 320 tensor cores. NVIDIA claims that the performance of the accelerator in single-precision operations (FP32) is 34.1 Tflops, and in half-precision operations (FP16) - 272.8 Tflops.

To order a GPU server, you can pre-order on the HOSTKEY website now, or contact our Sales Team to discuss delivery times and server configurations.

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