HOSTKEY has connected to the Cogent network in the EuNetworks Amsterdam DC

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Hosting operator HOSTKEY has connected its server fleet to the global network of international telecom operator Cogent in the euNetworks data center in Amsterdam. This direct connection to yet another major global IP network has increased the bandwidth and connectivity of HOSTKEY's own network.

Cogent operates one of the world's premier Tier 1 global optical IP networks. Owing to its full end-to-end control over transport and routing technology, they guarantee a high degree of reliability and scalability of services.

The Cogent network supports IPv6 and MPLS. The length of the fiber-optic route is 121,860 kilometers. The network has more than 3,000 of its own traffic exchange points and a further 7,590 connected ASNs. The bandwidth of the internetwork is 369 Tbps.

HOSTKEY's systems are directly connected to the Cogent network via backbone fiber-optic channels with a high bandwidth. The integration of the new partner into the network allows us to improve connectivity, significantly increasing data transfer rates and reducing response times. The performance of the clients' servers located at the HOSTKEY facilities will grow even higher.

For HOSTKEY, connecting to the Cogent network also presents new opportunities for the development of cloud solutions, as well as hybrid and distributed IT systems, on the back of which we will be able to deploy the most effective IT solutions for our clients.

HOSTKEY B. V. — international hosting provider headquartered in the Netherlands. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years providing services for renting servers, hosting client equipment (colocation) and a suite of consulting and professional equipment support services (such as Remote Smart Hands) in data centers in the Netherlands, USA and Russia. The company provides server infrastructure for private cloud solutions and all HOSTKEY sites are interconnected by high bandwidth communication channels, which make it possible to build geo-distributed solutions and projects.

Cogent — is a Tier 1 international internet service provider ranked among the top 5 networks in the world. They provide Internet access and data transmission services and operate one of the world's largest fiber-optic IP data networks with over 59,700 miles of long-distance fiber optic cables in addition to a further 38,800 miles within urban settings. Cogent's network is connected to 7,590 data networks around the world spanning six continents: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

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