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Halloween is coming and it's time for pumpkins and magic. In honor of this, HOSTKEY will share a recipe for a useful potion that grants unprecedented computing power, spells for incredible speeds and low prices, and it also provides free wards against powerful dark forces. And one more thing: our charms work all year long, not just on the night of October 31st.

It's time to open your magic scroll from HOSTKEY.

Potion of Unparalleled Power

For the project to have unrivalled power, take an NVIDIA A5000 card, add to it a Ryzen 9 5950 processor, NVMe 240Gb, and a massive 960Gb SSD for storing data sets. With a bit of magic – presto! – a powerful GPU server perfect for training and running neural networks and machine learning is ready to go!

The cost of a popular server configuration 1x RTX A5000 / AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 x 3,4GHz / 32GB RAM / 240Gb NVMe / 960Gb SSD is €389 /month

Order a GPU NVIDIA A5000 server.

Incredible Speed Incantation

If you need a server right now, use this spell. Click the "Order" button in the invAPI control panel - and in a few minutes your server will be summoned, ready to work.

Prices for bare metal instant servers start from €40 /month

Order an dedicated or a virtual server wuth fast delivery.

Low Cost Enchantment

If you are looking for a server with two AMD EPYC 7551 processors with a base frequency of 2 GHz and 32 cores per processor - know that whispering a magic word to our specialists in the sales department will get you a 10% discount for the entire rental period for these servers. Just write “Halloween2021” in the comments field on the order form and the cost of the server will immediately shrink.

Popular configuration costs 2x AMD EPYC 7551 64 x 2,0GHz / 32GB RAM / 2x 480Gb SSD — €243 /month.

Order a 2x AMD EPYC 7551 server with a discount.

Defense against Dark DDoS Forces Spell

On Halloween, and not only, the dark forces want to stop work on projects and interrupt the provision of useful services. But our experienced mages - HOSTKEY engineers - stand in defense of your projects from these dark forces, warding against even such powerful ones as DDoS attacks of various intensities. Free basic DDoS protection is provided for all servers in the Netherlands, USA and Russia by default. In addition, our IT wizards are ready to offer an advanced protection talisman against even the most evil DDoS attacks.

Learn more about DDoS protection.

The HOSTKEY team works tirelessly to ensure that your IT infrastructure is quick and stable throughout the year. We wish you a good and happy Halloween, and may no dark forces hamper your success and achievements.

The HOSTKEY Team of Good Wizards

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