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    The HOSTKEY team has redesigned the website

    server one

    Dear Client,

    The HOSTKEY team has redesigned the website. All sections of the website, as well as the tools for selecting and ordering servers, are now available in a new design. The changes have affected not only the visual presentation of information, but also the structure of the site, which was redesigned to make it easier for users to navigate and the process of ordering servers. A special emphasis is made on adapting the site for different technologies and devices. The site has become more user-friendly and fully responsive - now it is convenient to work with it on any device. including smartphones.

    “Over the years of the old site's existence, a lot has changed - both the expectations of the users and the company itself. It was important for us not only to update the appearance of the site, but also to make the process of configuring and selecting servers easy and understandable for both professionals and beginners, regardless of the device used. To do this, it was necessary to change the site’s structure and functional blocks, such as the custom server configuration wizard, the list of ready-made servers, including GPU servers, and the ordering system. It is important for us that the current site update is the beginning of improvements that should take place continuously, and the new system will allow us to implement them much faster,” says Dmitry Asafyev, HOSTKEY Marketing Director.

    The internal HOSTKEY development team was responsible for design, UX, frontend and backend development.

    The internal HOSTKEY development team was responsible for design, UX, frontend and backend development.

    “The website is not only a collection of information about the company's products and solutions, but also a complex tool for selecting and ordering servers made of different components. Our server configuration wizard allows our customers to quickly and easily assemble the perfect server. We have many different parts in stock and we need to consider their compatibility. This is not an easy task for service designers. You have to be not only a professional in interface design, but also deeply knowledgeable of the specifics of the hosting business. Our job was less about design and more about designing with historical backend features in mind. We had to study and rework the communication logic of the internal systems, organize and optimize the data. Then it was necessary to create a new design, describe the principles of working with it and prepare the content for migration to the new version," says project leader Maria Rogova.

    What exactly has changed?

    - Redesign of the server configuration wizard and pre-configured servers showcase. These server matching tools are now faster and more reliable.

    - Site content is now structured for user friendliness, including redesigned user menus and regrouped sections.

    - Site content is now structured for user friendliness, including redesigned user menus and regrouped sections.

    - We have added a block of recommended servers ready for quick delivery.

    - Improved filter system and search engine for ready-made servers. Users can now easily select a server from a wide variety of pre-configured servers.

    - Servers and components are divided into new more relevant groups.

    - On the main product page, the user can see all available server groups, regardless of their location.

    - A convenient system of informing users about discounts and special promotions has been made, and a separate section “Hot offers” has been created, where you can see all special offers at once.

    - A more convenient view of the news feed.

    Please note that the HOSTKEY Team has decided to focus on developing dedicated servers and private cloud services. In this regard, HOSTKEY is discontinuing services for renting virtual servers, except for GPU-based virtual servers. GPU virtual servers are available to order online in full. All virtual servers for current customers will continue to be supported under standard terms and conditions.

    The site is in test mode, and we would be very grateful if you could report problems or send your feedback through our customer care service. This can be done in different ways, not only through the feedback form and email, but also via Facebook or WhatsApp. Our Customer Care service operates 24/7.

    We wish you a pleasant day and look forward to fruitful cooperation.

    The HOSTKEY Team

    Other news


    New shipment of servers with Ryzen processors and GPU servers with RTX4090 cards

    Hurry up to order servers with AMD EPYC 9354 and Ryzen processors, and GPU servers with RTX4090 cards!


    Free ispmanager licence for the entire rental term of the server

    Order a server and get a free ispmanager license for the entire server rental period!


    HOSTKEY Strengthens Network in Finland by establishing a Direct Connection to FICIX IXP

    HOSTKEY announced a strategic partnership with the Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange (FICIX)


    New reseller module for WHMCS from HOSTKEY

    We have developed a WHMCS module for reselling HOSTKEY servers and a server control panel for resellers' clients.


    Order TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 (Cobia) servers

    HOSTKEY offers the possibility to order TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 (Cobia) servers to create network storage

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