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    Servers with Core i7-9700K or i9-9900K CPUs

    server one
    HOSTKEY first hosting provider in Europe to offer servers powered by 5.0-GHz CPUs.

    HOSTKEY today has announced that they are the first hosting provider in Europe to offer servers powered by 5.0 GHz processors, available to customers immediately. Servers powered by the cutting-edge Intel Core i7-9700K and i7-9700K and Core i9-9900K provide a notable increase in both multi-thread and single-core performance, as well as faster memory access. These servers offer pervasive value for high compute-throughput workloads, such as backend servers, business intelligence, legacy workloads and other applications which can't be serialized across CPU cores. Typical examples are CRM systems, e-commerce backends, real-time audio/video processing, trading bots and AI workloads.

    The Intel Core i7-9700K is the first mainstream Core i7 chip not to include hyper-threading as standard. It features an 8C8T design, instead of the 6C12T of its direct predecessor the Core i7-8700K, while still being based on the same Coffee Lake microarchitecture. The newly designed chip is able to offer approximately 25% higher drive current for the same power as the original 14nm by harnessing the enhanced 14nm++ process. Such efficiency translates into a significant Turbo Boost, optimizing per-core performance to a new level. The CPU features 8 cores, which can run up to 8 threads concurrently, and thus it outperforms its predecessors. To prevent overheating, the CPUs utilize STIM (Solder Thermal Interface Materials) instead of thermal paste, allowing for improved heat transfer.

    Intel’s i9-9900K is an octa-core, 16-thread processor, offering a base frequency of 3.6 GHz with a peak turbo frequency of 5.0 GHz. The ninth-gen Core series is also the first in the company’s inventory to include hardware-based mitigations for Meltdown and Foreshadow vulnerabilities. The extra hardware security updates deal with new security threats in an effortless manner, maintaining peak performance at all times. The STIM design facilitates impressive clock rates which can comfortably push the CPU to its maximum potential for even the most taxing of workloads. Hyper-threading allows for all eight cores to process up to 16 threads simultaneously. When combined with impressive scores in every other category, this makes the Intel Core i9-9900K brand the fastest mainstream processor on the market.

    All servers are equipped with 32Gb high-speed memory with broader bandwidth and lower access latency. Up to 3 NVMe SSD devices can be connected to the server.

    The price tag for 5GHz server is significantly lower than for Xeon servers with a similar multi-threaded performance. The single-thread performance is an unparalleled by any bare-metal servers on the market.

    “As customer trends continue to evolve ever faster than before, HOSTKEY always strives to optimize inventory and demand, thus providing customers with the highest performance possible. That’s why our engineering department has extensively tested Intel’s new 5.0 GHz processors in a wide range of server configurations. This way we have created setups that reduce CPU contention and tackle high-compute tasks with ease, making these servers ideal for even the most demanding of workloads,” says Antonina Ogar, Senior Manager of the HOSTKEY Customer Care Department.

    Servers featuring the best-of-the-breed Intel Core i9-9900K are initially available in HOSTKEY’s datacenter in the Netherlands, while the i7-9700K is in stock in the Netherlands and Russia. The hosting provider plans to expand availability to the U.S. in the near future.

    You can discuss the terms and conditions of your upgraded server rental with your sales manager. We will assist you in choosing the best possible option for your key business processes.

    The HOSTKEY team is constantly launching new services and products, as well as improving upon existing ones. We take pride that cooperation with us is becoming more and more convenient and advantageous for you.

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