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    Servers with AMD Ryzen 7950X processors (16 cores / 4.5 GHz) with a 15% discount

    server one

    We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our fleet of affordable and high-performance servers based on AMD Ryzen 7950X processors with IPMI port, which are available for order in data centers in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and the USA.

    Advantages of servers with AMD Ryzen 7950X processors from HOSTKEY:

    • 16 cores and 32 threads provide excellent multitasking and high data processing speed.
    • A base clock speed of 4.5 GHz and a boost clock of up to 5.7 GHz ensure fast performance for even the most demanding applications.
    • 64 MB L3 cache provides fast access to frequently used data.
    • 128 GB DDR5 RAM allows to efficiently solve tasks that require a large amount of memory.
    • NVMe drives provide fast access to data.
    • Virtualization support gives an opportunity to run multiple virtual machines on a single server.
    • IPMI module allows to independently manage the server. Server management is also possible through HTML5 web console or via API.
    • Fast server delivery - from 15 minutes. Deployment timeframe depends on the chosen operating system and additional software.

    Servers equipped with AMD Ryzen CPUs offer a significant price advantage over AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon-based servers, while delivering comparable performance for multiple tasks.

    Servers based on AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU are perfect for:

    • 3D rendering and animation
    • Scientific computing
    • Engineering modelling
    • Machine learning
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Big data analytics
    • Virtualization
    • Gaming


    We offer flexible rental terms. You can rent servers on an hourly or monthly basis.

    Ryzen 7950X / 128 Gb RAM / 2x1,92 TB U2 NVMe / 50TB (1Gbps)
    EUR 165 /mo
    EUR 185 /mo
    EUR 0.23/hr
    Ryzen 7950X / 128 Gb RAM / 2x1,92 TB U2 NVMe / 50TB (1Gbps)
    EUR 170 /mo
    EUR 185 /mo
    EUR 0.24/hr
    the USA
    Ryzen 7950X / 128 Gb RAM / 2x1,92 TB U2 NVMe / 50TB (1Gbps)
    EUR 170 /mo
    EUR 185 /mo
    EUR 0.24/hr
    the Netherlands
    Ryzen 7950X / 128 Gb RAM / 2x1,92 TB U2 NVMe / 50 TB (1Gbps)
    EUR 170 /mo
    EUR 0.24/hr

    Additionally, we would like to remind that our convenient online configurator allows to easily assemble a custom server with 4-th gen AMD CPUs in the Netherlands.

    Due to high demand, the number of servers is limited. Order your server today!

    Other news


    GPU servers with NVIDIA RTX 4090 cards with a 20% discount

    Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) with RTX4090 GPU cards are now available for order in our data center in Iceland.


    Up to 10% Discount for a Review on TrustPilot

    Share Your Experience with HOSTKEY on TrustPilot and Enjoy up to 10% Discount!


    Enterprise High-Availability (HA) VPS with ≈100% uptime. Now with a 10% discount!

    The new product for corporate clients:reliable, fault-tolerant virtual servers based on the oVirt cluster.


    New shipment of servers with Ryzen processors and GPU servers with RTX4090 cards

    Hurry up to order servers with AMD EPYC 9354 and Ryzen processors, and GPU servers with RTX4090 cards!


    Free ispmanager licence for the entire rental term of the server

    Order a server and get a free ispmanager license for the entire server rental period!

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