10 Gbps port

High-performance servers with FREE 10 Gb/s connections

We’ve come up with a solution that will increase the performance of your IT infrastructure: powerful servers based on a AMD EPYC / Ryzen and Xeon Gold processors with a FREE 10 Gb/s connection.

Pre-configured servers with FREE 10 Gb/s ports.

Free basic protection against DDoS attacks

In addition, we offer free basic protection against DDoS attacks for all servers in the company's data centers. This protection can be extended. If you have any questions, please contact the HOSTKEY Support Service.

Do you need a custom configuration?

Use our online configurator and build your ideal server or contact our support team

Our Advantages

  • Premium Network Premium Network
    HOSTKEY has a reserved connection to Serverius, HE.net networks and several traffic exchange points, in particular AMS-IX, Speed-IX, Data-IX and Global-IX. It allows us to provide our clients with excellent network connectivity with minimal lag, thus ensuring complete redundancy.
  • DDOS Protection DDOS Protection
    With the protection of our proprietary cyber-security stack, Shield, you are in safe hands. It will deflect all incoming attacks, large or small. Furthermore, the tool will enable you to monitor any incoming floods and easily toggle between different levels of protection.
  • Rapid Support Rapid Support
    Help when and where you need it 24/7 via a range of messengers, email, and live chat. Support requests are typically addressed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Private LAN Private LAN
    Secure and private communication among servers on your VLAN.
  • No faceless Standards Custom Pricing
    We go the extra mile building custom servers to your specifications, all within your budget constraints within reason.
  • Server Monitoring Server Monitoring
    Our system monitors your servers for an array of metrics giving you unique insight into the health and functioning of the whole system, and thus minimizing any downtime.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

HOSTKEY offers complete end-to-end services

All our servers are fully tested prior to deployment and loaded with the latest BIOS and firmware. If something goes wrong with the server, we will replace the faulty part or the whole system within several hours.

Our servers are located in TIER III data center in the USA that have high-level protocols for security and reliability.

Optimizing the IT lifecycle is vital. We have expert services for all lifecycle phases that save you time and resources, reduce effort, and improve your IT experience.

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