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    The official HOSTKEY Blog provides news about the hosting industry trends

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    AI-assisted GPU Server Configurations your way

    The far-reaching application of the versatility of the GPU means it can bring much to your project beyond its original design purpose. GPU Computing is the idea of using the GPU as a supplement to your basic CPU, working together in what is called a “hybrid” or “heterogeneous” tandem, letting GPU share in the workload and greatly reduce processing times of the CPU alone.

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    server one


    Why do you need a Dedicated Server?

    Choosing a dedicated server is a great responsibility. To find the right configuration, you need to decide on the hardware requirements. In this article, we will share tips on the best to approach to choose your dedicated server architecture so that it is as effective as possible for the given task.

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    server one


    Comparative testing of GPU servers with new NVIDIA RTX30 video cards in AI / ML tasks

    Based on the results of testing new graphics solutions of the GeForce RTX 30 family, we can confidently assert that NVIDIA has brilliantly coped with the task of releasing affordable graphics cards with tensor cores that are powerful enough for fast AI computing.

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