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NVIDIA RTX A5000, A4000, RTX 3090 and Quadro RTX 4000 video cards benchmark

We conducted our own price-performance testing of the NVIDIA RTX A5000 and A4000 professional graphics cards and compared them with the RTX 3090 and Quadro RTX 4000

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What’s better for a dedicated server: HDD, SSD or NVMe?

In this article, we will discuss drives. Or rather, we’ll try to make it easier to see what type of disk is best used in dedicated servers. Which technology is now held in high esteem, if it’s worth paying a premium for, and why one should opt for these new technologies.

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AI-assisted GPU Server Configurations your way

The far-reaching application of the versatility of the GPU means it can bring much to your project beyond its original design purpose. GPU Computing is the idea of using the GPU as a supplement to your basic CPU, working together in what is called a “hybrid” or “heterogeneous” tandem, letting GPU share in the workload and greatly reduce processing times of the CPU alone.

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