HOSTKEY offers server series based on 2xAMD EPYC 7551 CPUs

server one

We offer servers based on the 2xAMD EPYC 7551, each CPU has 32 cores and a Max Boost clock speed of up to 3 GHz.

Those servers are housed in our data center in the Netherlands. You can choose and order the configuration that suits you on the HOSTKEY website. All our servers are protected against DDoS attacks.

The cost of basic server configurations
2xAMD EPYC 7551 / 32 Gb / 240GB SSD / FREE 1Gbps unlimited — €250 /mo

Custom server configurations are available. Use our online configurator to order a custom server.

EPYC shows the perfect balance of cores/threads, RAM, I/O bandwidth and security. Thanks to these impressive specs, application speed is accelerated and excellent performance is achieved with multiple workloads for high-performance computing.

Servers with 2 CPU sockets based on the AMD EPYC chip are flexible, powerful and secure - allowing them to efficiently deal with the most demanding workloads.

High-performance computing

EPYC helps to accelerate leading applications to work with large volumes of data and databases in RAM, which requires large amounts of memory, a high RAM bandwidth and I/O. This makes it possible to manage and analyze large quantities of unstructured data.

Virtualization and cloud solutions

AMD’s industry-leading security solutions keep your data safe in the cloud environment. You can also allocate more virtual machines or provide more resources to your current number of virtual machines.

Machine learning

EPYC delivers outstanding quality for machine learning technology, both for single-socket innovative solutions with an accelerated GPU, and for logic solutions using double-socket architecture.


VDI provides ample opportunities for remote and mobile staff. The best experience for users is heavily dependent on the capabilities of the server. The high number of cores along with the largest memory capacity and bandwidth provide optimal performance and density for the virtual desktop.

Performance comparisons presented by the manufacturer show the significant advantage of the AMD EPYC 7000 series processors over its main competitor processors. In some cases, one AMD EPYC will be enough to replace two of the competitor’s processors.

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