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Password reset on Windows servers

To reset the password on a server with Windows OS installed:

  1. Go to the Console tab of the service Invapi control panel;

  2. In the Mount common or rescue ISO image as CD: section, select the windows_pass_reset.iso option from the drop-down list:

  3. Press the Mount ISO button and enter the PIN code;

  4. Wait until the ISO file is mounted (the green inscription ISO image windows_pass_reset.iso is mounted on this server should appear):

  5. Press the Boot from ISO button;


    Further actions depend on the type of server on which the operating system is installed.

    For VPS, please follow these steps:

    1. Press the Launch VNC console button:

    2. Click on the downloaded file console.vv -- activate the console. Detailed instruction for methods of the hardware's remote control can be found here;

    3. After running the console, press the Esc button to go to the Boot Menu:

    For dedicated servers, you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. Use access to IPMI. You must activate access to it first - click on the Activate IPMI access button. The system will forward the gray IPMI address to the outside and indicate it. After creating the forwarding, you need to create a temporary account to access the console - click on the Create temp IPMI user button. After these operations, you need to click on the link with the IP address, log in to the web interface and use the IPMI module integrated into the server:

    2. Go to the Virtual Media >> CD-ROM Image section and click on the Mount button:

    3. Go to the System tab and restart the server - the Reset button:

    4. Go to the Remote Control tab and launch the console with the iKVM/HTML5 button.


    Further actions are the same for all types of servers.

  6. Select the Clean boot with Active Password Changer option, press the 0 and ++Enter++ keys:

  7. After transition to the Active Password Changer menu, select option 2 - Search for MS SAM Database(s) on all hard disks and logical drives, press the Enter key. This action will allow you to search for accounts. The process may take some time:

  8. As a result of a search, a list of available accounts will be displayed. You should select the record number to reset the password and press the Enter key:

  9. After switching to the editing mode of the selected account, select the Clear this User's Password option and press the Y key:

  10. In case of successful password reset, the following inscription will be displayed on the screen:


    After completing these steps, the password for the selected account will be reset. Then it is required to unmount the windows_pass_reset.iso image using the Unmount button in the Console tab in the control panel or in the Virtual Media >> CD-ROM Image section of the IPMI module and restart the server.