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Installing an OS to Intel S5500 Server

To install the operating system from the ISO file on an Intel S5500-based server, follow these steps:

  1. Download ISO file with operating system.

  2. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Chrome-based browsers won't let you launch the console session.

  3. Install Java Runtime Environment version 7. If you have Java 8 installed, you need to uninstall it first.


    You may download Java 7 here.

  4. Connect to the server with the credentials you get from the support team:

  5. Go to Remote control tab and press the Launch console button. You should allow pop-up windows if prompted.

  6. Launch the downloaded .JLNP file to connect to the server's console.

  7. Use F2 button to access the server BIOS after reboot and Device >> Redirect ISO menu item to connect the OS image you need:

  8. Power ON/OFF/Reset functions are available at the Server Power Control: