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Installing an OS to ASUS P10S-I - based server

To install the operating system from the ISO file on the ASUS P10S-I-based server, follow the steps below:

  1. Download ISO file with operating system.

  2. Install Java Runtime Environment version 8.

  3. Connect to the server with the credentials you get (you should enable pop-up windows in your browser):

  1. Press Launch button in the Remote control section and run the downloaded file.

If you get the Java security error like this:

You should go your Computer Control Panel >> Java

And add the IPMI IP to the Exception Site List:

For example: (https prefix is required).

After that you will be able to launch the downloaded file.


You can connect the ISO file you need in the Media >> Virtual Media Wizard >> CD/DVD Media >> Browse >> select the ISO file >> Connect CD/DVD.

Power control options are available in the Power menu.