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NVIDIA Driver and CUDA Installation on Windows

You need to install the drivers before you can start working with a Windows server and an Nvidia graphics card. For this you will need:

  1. Open the Start menu:

  2. Go to the Hardware section:

  3. Open the Device manager. All GPUs are marked with a yellow triangle by default, which indicates the lack of drivers:


    You can start Device Manager by pressing Win+R and typing devmgmt.msc at the Open prompt, or by right-clicking Start and selecting Device Manager from the context menu that appears.

  4. Go to the nvidia website in the Drivers section:

  5. Select the drop-down menu items according to the model of video card and OS, click the Search button:

  6. After going to the page with a description of the driver, click the Download button, then the Agree and Download button:

  7. After the download is complete, run (click on it) the downloaded file:

  8. Click the OK button in the opened window of installer and then follow the instructions of the installation program:

  9. As a result, a message about installed drivers will be received:

  10. Restart the server.

To check the result, repeat steps 1-4 after restarting the server and check that the GPU is correctly detected in the system:


CUDA is immediately installed when installing NVIDIA drivers on Windows.