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Work remotely on resource-intensive applications with Moonlight

Moonlight is free, open source software that enables server-to-client communication using the NVIDIA GameStream protocol that goes beyond the capabilities of RDP or VNC. Rendering, neural networks, application development - all 3D GPU-accelerated tasks can be performed remotely with Moonlight. Efficiency and ease of use tested by our experts.

The Moonlight installation process is made up of several large steps and is divided into work on the client (the user's local device) and work on the server (which can be either a standalone PC or a server). For example, let's install Moonlight on a server with NVidia GPUs and Windows Server 2019. You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Connect to your server via RDP.

  2. Run Start >> Server Manager.

  3. Go to Manage >> Add Roles and Features, and click the Next button 4 times.


    Make sure the Wireless Local Area Network Service is installed. If not, select and install it (an operating system reboot will be required).

  4. In the Server Manager (connect to the server and run it again if the server was restarted) go to Tools >> Services.


    Make sure the**Windows Audio** service is running. If not, open its properties, change Startup type to Automatic, and then press OK.

  5. Now you need some remote control software to connect to the server console, not RDP. We recommend using UltraVNC server or Anydesk software.


    You need to install the selected software to have it running after reboot. You also need to set up an unattended access password. Please refer to the appropriate guides for the software you have chosen.

  6. Reboot the server and connect to its console with the remote control software you have installed.

  7. Login to your local user account (Administrator by default). Right-click on the Desktop and select Display settings. Scroll down to the Multiple displays section and select Show only on 2 and Keep changes.

  8. GeForce Experience must be running on the server: Start >> NVIDIA Corporation >> GeForce Experience.


    If there is none, please download the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website and install them with the "GeForce Experience" feature selected. You may use this link for the last tested driver.

    Sign in to your NVidia account. If you have none, you should create it in the "Sign in" window. Press Skip to skip the GeForce Experience tour.

  9. Next, you need to configure GameStream: click the Settings button. Then choose the SHIELD, option. Make sure the GameStream switch is in the On position (green).

    Then you need to specify the path to the mstsc.exe utility using the Add button on the right. For the path, use C:Windows\system32\mstsc.exe. This will give you access to the full desktop via Moonlight.

  10. Install the Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool on your server.(Latest direct link)

    Run Moonlight Internet Streaming Tester via the Start menu. This tool performs automatic network configuration. If problems occur, Moonlight Internet Streaming Tester provides automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting options for various network problems.

    The initial server setup is complete, but do not close your remote control software connection now.

  11. This step should be performed on your local PC, not the rented server.

    Download and install the Moonlight client from the website the Client downloads section.

    Run the installed client and enter the IP address of your rented server:

    Click on the added server icon and read the code you need to enter. Use your remote control software with the opened server console to enter the code and press connect:

  12. Now you can close your remote control software window and use Moonlight client for accelerated GPU access. You won't need to enter the code again if you connect from the same PC. Please note that only 2D/3D graphics and video with sound are transferred with high quality. The text applications, shortcuts and text in browsers are transferred in low quality.


Please refer to developer's manual if you have any troubles with using Moonlight Stream software.