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Working with IPMIView and Java 7 / 8

Working with an IPMI controller is available via a special program, Supermicro IPMIView, which is available as a free download.


Windows and Linux versions of the software are available. It is recommended that you use IPMIView to work with IPMI, as it is faster and more convenient than using the web interface.

Working with IPMView

  1. Open > File > New > System, add the system's name and IP address.

  2. Login to the new system > KVM console > Launch KVM Console:

    If the java-applet doesn't appear, follow the IPMI Device > Cold reset:

Using Java 7 / 8

  • Open Java 7 > Configure Java on our PC.

  • Open Secutity, move the slider to the medium position.

  • If you are using Java ver.8, add the address to the Exception Site List: