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Automatic VAT Calculation and Currency Selection


The VAT (Value-Added Tax) and Currency feature allows users to automatically determine the correct tax rate and currency for their country of residence. This is important, as the VAT rate may vary depending on the region, which affects the final cost of renting server equipment. The VAT and Currency feature is only available on

If you're logged in to the system, your VAT and Currency settings will be applied according to the data provided in your profile. If you're not logged in, you'll need to manually select a currency (USD or EUR) and country of residence for which the corresponding VAT rate will be applied.

The VAT and Currency feature ensures accurate cost calculation taking into account local tax requirements, simplifying the process of renting server equipment for users from different countries.

The currency selection function is available at the top of the site. If you're logged in, your currency and VAT settings will be automatically determined based on your profile data. If you're not logged in, you'll need to select a currency (EUR or USD) and country of residence for correct VAT calculation. The exchange rate for converting EUR to USD is set according to the official exchange rate of the European Central Bank. When switching currencies, prices are automatically recalculated and displayed in the selected currency:

Currency selection menu:

VAT selection menu:

The final cost is always displayed with VAT included and a brief explanation, such as "120 EUR including 20% VAT". In the config panels, the VAT size is only indicated in the total amount:

When changing currencies or VAT rates, prices are automatically recalculated without requiring a page reload.