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Add previously purchased servers manually to the reseller module

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To add previously purchased servers to the reseller module, follow these instructions.

Obtaining the required information from HOSTKEY

  1. Locate the desired server in your Invapi personal account;
  2. On the Billing tab, under Invoices, locate the invoice number that was issued when the server was ordered:

  3. Remember or write down this information. It will be useful for you when adding the server to the billing;

  4. Create a new API key on the Info tab under API keys:

  5. In the Name field, specify the name of the API key and create it by clicking the Add new API key button. It is recommended to choose a name that will help identify this key in the future, as it will be used in the reseller module:

  6. Copy and save this API key in the next window:


Refer to API Key Management for guidance on creating and deleting API keys.

Adding Required Fields to the Product in Billing

  1. In the Products/Services section of Billing, open your product and add the two fields Invoice ID and API Key under Custom Fields:

  2. Under the Orders section, locate your order and then navigate to the Order Items subsection to find your server:

  3. On click to Resellers Hosting go to the server settings and fill in the Api key and Invoice ID fields with the values you got in previous step:

Switching the module

  1. Return to the Products/Services section and navigate to the Module settings tab. Here, select the Module Name as HOSTKEY VPS/Dedicated:

  2. Click the Save changes button to save your edits.

Checking the server display on the client's storefront

The HOSTKEY control panel should appear when you open this server on the client storefront: