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How to acquire a VMware ESXI Free license


Full use of VMware's free vSphere Hypervisor requires licensed activation. Without one, VMware ESXi will only work as a 60-day trial version. You can get your license from My VMware portal.

Free VMware ESXi installation instructions:

Download free VMware ESXi.

You will have to choose Create an Account and register.

A letter with an Activate Now link will arrive to your registered e-mail shortly. You need to activate your account before you proceed.


Please note that using a free mail service may result in a delay caused by your account review.

Corporate accounts will receive the license key without any account review, although the message may take some time and not arrive immediately.

To download VMware ESXi click Manually Download.

  1. Having installed VMware ESXi, use vSphere Client to connect to it. Go to ESXi > Configuration TAB > Licensed features, features and click Edit Key , then paste your license key in the form.

Your free ESXi is now activated.


The number of the server's physical processes or amount of RAM for your host is unlimited when using this product; however, you do not have the option to control your servers with vCenter.