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Moodle - is a free open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that provides educators and learners with tools for creating online courses, interaction, assessment, and learning management.

Moodle. Key Features

  • Course management: the ability to create different types of courses, including online courses, blended courses, and traditional classroom courses. Teachers can create educational materials, assignments, tests, and discussion forums.
  • Online learning: the access to educational materials, assignments, and tests through the internet.
  • Assessment and feedback: tools for creating various types of assignments and tests, as well as evaluating students’ work. Teachers can provide feedback to students through the system..
  • Collaboration: the platform supports tools for collaborative work among students, such as forums, blogs, and wiki pages. It promotes knowledge and experience sharing.
  • User roles and permissions: Moodle allows configuring different levels of access and the rights of users in the system based on their roles (student, teacher, administrator).
  • Progress tracking: teachers can track students’ activity, their progress in completing assignments, and test results.
  • Integration with other systems: Moodle can be integrated with other educational applications and systems, such as video conferencing systems or library catalogs.

Deployment Features

Installed software

Software Version License
Moodle 3.10 GNU GPL 3
Apache2 2.4.38 Apache 2.0
PHP 7.3.19 PHP v3.0.1
MariaDB server 10.3 GNU GPL 2

Getting started after deploying Moodle

A notification will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration that the server is ready for work after paying for the order. It will contain the IP address of the VPS, as well as the login and password for the connection. Clients of our company manage the hardware in the server`s and API control panel - Invapi.

You can find the authorization data either in the Info >> 'Tags tab of the server control panel or in the email that was sent.

  • Link to access the Moodle dashboard with a web interface: in the webpanel tag.
  • Login and Password: comes in a letter to your email.

Initial settings

After following the link from the “webpanel” tag, you must click on the Log in button:

And enter the credentials:

After successful authorization, service management will be available:

For more information on the basic settings of Moodle, see the documentation of the developers.

Ordering a server with Moodle using the API

To install this software using the API, follow these instructions.