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n8n is a free, open and extensible workflow automation tool that allows you to integrate various applications and services, as well as implement server-side application logic. n8n has a large number of ready-made modules designed to work with various services (Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, GitHub and others). It is also possible to create nodes using JavaScript or TypeScript. n8n supports various types of authorization and ensures the security of data transfer between services.

n8n. Key Features

  • Flexibility: n8n allows you to create complex automation scripts. Integration of various applications and services through API allows you to customize workflows and reduce routine work.
  • Usability: A library of ready-made modules makes it much easier to create new workflows.
  • Comfort: n8n provides the ability to run and test workflows directly from the interface. It allows you to quickly check the correctness of the script and fix errors.
  • Reliability: n8n provides business process reliability by allowing tasks to be retried if they fail.
  • Extensibility: Due to its open source code, n8n can be easily extended by creating new integration modules with other services.

Features of the assembly

  • Installation on RHEL 8+ and Ubuntu 20.04+ families is possible.
  • Installation time is 15-20 minutes, including OS.
  • Containerized installation in the zone.
  • The web interface will be available at the URL: https://n8n{server_id}

Getting started after deploying n8n

A notification will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration that the server is ready for work after paying for the order. It will contain the IP address of the VPS, as well as the login and password for the connection. Clients of our company manage the hardware in the server`s and API control panel — Invapi.

You can find the authorization data either in the Info >> 'Tags tab of the server control panel or in the email that was sent.

  • Link to access the n8n dashboard with a web interface: in the webpanel tag;
  • Login and Password: comes in a letter to your email.


After installation, you need to go to the page and finish setting up n8n: login, password and other parameters.

Ordering n8n using the API

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=order_instance" \
--data "token=" \
--data "deploy_period=" \
--data "deploy_notify=" \
--data "email=" \
--data "pin=" \
--data "id=" \
--data "os_id=" \
--data "root_pass=" \
--data "hostname=" \
--data "ssh_key=" \
--data "post_install_callback=" \
--data "post_install_script=" \
--data "reinstall_key=" \
--data "os_name=" \
--data "imitate_deploy=" \
--data "imitate_error=0" \
--data "own_os=" \
--data "jenkins_task=" \
--data "traffic_plan=" \
--data "invoice_relid=" \
--data "preset=" \
--data "location_name=" \