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Kasm Workspaces


Kasm Workspaces is an open platform for containerizing workspaces. It provides access to isolated working environments that can be run on any device connected to the Internet. Kasm Workspaces is based on containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, which provides high-speed operation and reliability for a variety of tasks. In addition, Kasm Workspaces has a multi-level security system that ensures the protection of user confidential data.

Kasm Workspaces. Key Features

  • Isolated workspaces - Kasm Workspaces allows you to create isolated working environments in the cloud that can be run on any device with Internet access.
  • Flexibility of configuration - It provides a variety of ways to customize workspaces so they can be adapted to the needs of different users.
  • Scalability - Kasm Workspaces is easily scalable.
  • High performance - Due to the use of containerization technology, Kasm Workspaces provides high-speed operation and reliability while performing tasks.
  • Security - a multi-level security system ensures the protection of the user's confidential data.
  • Application management - Kasm Workspaces allows you to manage applications and programs within workspaces.
  • Ease-of-use - It has a simple and intuitive interface.

Features of the assembly

  • Installation on Ubuntu 20.04+ and CentOS 8,9 families is possible.
  • Installation time is 20-30 minutes, including OS.
  • Login: admin@kasm.local, user@kasm.local

Getting started after deploying Kasm Workspaces

A notification will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration that the server is ready for work after paying for the order. It will contain the IP address of the VPS, as well as the login and password for the connection. Clients of our company manage the hardware in the server`s and API control panel — Invapi.

You can find the authorization data either in the Info >> 'Tags tab of the server control panel or in the email that was sent.

  • Link to access the Kasm Workspaces dashboard with a web interface: in the webpanel tag;
  • Login: admin@kasm.local, user@kasm.local;
  • Password: in a letter to your e-mail upon receipt of the server.


For more information on the basic settings of Kasm Workspaces, see the documentation of the developers.

Ordering a server with Kasm Workspaces using the API

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=order_instance" \
--data "token=" \
--data "deploy_period=" \
--data "deploy_notify=" \
--data "email=" \
--data "pin=" \
--data "id=" \
--data "os_id=" \
--data "root_pass=" \
--data "hostname=" \
--data "ssh_key=" \
--data "post_install_callback=" \
--data "post_install_script=" \
--data "reinstall_key=" \
--data "os_name=" \
--data "imitate_deploy=" \
--data "imitate_error=0" \
--data "own_os=" \
--data "jenkins_task=" \
--data "traffic_plan=" \
--data "invoice_relid=" \
--data "preset=" \
--data "location_name=" \