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Server management

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I have problems with the installed software on the server, who should I contact?

We do not administer the client's software installed on the server and the server itself after its deployment, and do not advise on related issues. The client administers his server on his own. If you need help from our system administrators, then we are ready to help in the charge of paid administration. To request paid administration, you should write a technical task to the sales department – we will estimate the time for the work and inform you of the price.

How can I get the access details to connect to IPMI?

Access to IPMI and VNC/HTML5 of the console is carried out through the tab Console and IPMI access from Control panel.

Detailed instructions for remote control methods are located here.

If you can’t find access data to connect to IPMI, you should send a request to our Support.

How do I format the server?

o delete data from a rented server quickly, you need just reinstall the operating system.

Reinstalling the operating system can be carried out through Invapi control panel - tab Reinstall (see the instructions) or using API methods.

Emails sent from my mail server end up in SPAM folder. Why?

Usually the problem with spam filters is linked to several factors:

  • The recipients can perceive your message (plural) as spam and as such report it to the email servers or their own mail servers.
  • The content of the email looks like spam. The email servers have a number of criteria that filter spam depending on the content of the email. For example, this may be the information regarding some great secret revealing remarkable success, exclamation marks and even the word TEST in the email subject.
  • Technical features — sending a large amount of emails daily, incorrect encoding, only images are being sent, etc.


All this may lead to IP being blocked by email servers, services, customers, or getting the IP blacklisted.

What can I do?

The actions vary depending on individual situation. These are the general guidelines:

  • Study in detail the signs of spam and check your email activity for the past 2 weeks.
  • Eliminate the reasons for emails ending up in Spam folder by taking the following actions:
  • In dealing with Spam complaints HOSTKEY specialists check the blacklists using one of the most reliable services — Spamhaus. We recommend you to check whether or not your IP has been blacklisted and remove it if necessary.
  • If the block occurs on the side of the email server, contact the support.
  • If emails are not being delivered to your clients or contractors, contact their technical specialists.

Why does CentOS start during the OS reinstallation?

This is the correct installation behavior. Currently, all OSes are installed via CentOS. After the installation is completed, the server will be rebooted into the selected OS during installation.

Is NZBGet/Torrent/Plex server installation allowed?

We do not restrict clients in using our service. At the same time, HOSTKEY does not ignore the claims of the DMCA and copyright owners sent to us in accordance with applicable law. This includes both storing copyrighted content on a rented server and hosting websites that provide access to copyrighted content stored elsewhere.


If HOSTKEY receives any infringement complaints, the server owner must remove the copyrighted material. Each complaint must be resolved and the subject of the complaint removed from our network. Failure to comply with or ignore these claims may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the server.

I forgot my server password

We do not keep our client's server's passwords. If you do not remember the password to your server there are possible options:

  1. Perform the self-operated reinstallation follow these instructions. It is recommended that you keep the password in a safe place, as it will no longer appear on the server card after installation. Upon reinstalling the OS you will receive new access credentials.


Reinstalling the operating system will delete all data on the server.

  1. We can perform a paid password reset manually. All data will remain unchanged. You can find the cost of a password reset on this page.

Please choose the suitable option and email and provide your Secret word as confirmation.