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Remote Hands Request

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The "Remote Hands Request" (RHR) feature is designed to resolve issues with a rented server (dedicated or virtual) that cannot be addressed remotely through the network. It allows technical specialists at the data center to perform tasks such as connecting external storage devices, diagnosing and resolving equipment malfunctions.


The "Remote Hands Request" feature should only be used when the remote management module for the server is not functioning or unavailable. If the remote management module is working normally, it is recommended to use it to resolve any issues that may arise.

Submitting a Remote Hands Request

To access the RHR feature:

Go to the Invapi hardware control panel. In the server card, go to the Info >> Power control tab, click on the button Request: Check my server and connect it to the network, something's not right:

Describe the problem as accurately and thoroughly as possible, and then click Confirm button:

A ticket will then be generated to resolve the issue. Track the status of the request and communicate with technical support specialists in the Invapi server control panel RHR tab. Messages from the company are highlighted in brand colors:

Tracking Request Status and Communicating with Technical Support

In the RHR, you will find additional functionality for managing your request:

  • The Red Circle button is used to forcibly close the request from your side;
  • The Arrow button is intended for sending additional information or clarifications about the current request;
  • The Green Circle with Arrow button is used after the problem has been resolved by technical support specialists to finally close the ticket:


It is necessary to close the ticket using the Green Circle with Arrow button, as you will not be able to create a new request for assistance until the current ticket has been closed. The system will not allow you to create another request for the same server while an active ticket remains open.


If after closing the ticket, the problem is still not fully resolved or new complexities arise, the client must create a new request in the Info >> Power control tab.