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Service control panel INVAPI and API access

Supported interfaces

This service provides an ability to manage user services utilizing various interfaces:

All actions performed by the user in the web-panel can be performed using API. The web panel is a single-page application and all user’s actions and API requests are visible in the browser web console (DevOps tools, Ctrl + Shift + I). This allows the user to analyze API calls while using the web panel interface to debug the integration.

An example of interacting with the API (cURL and PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest):

curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action = whmcslogin" \
--data "action = USER_NAME" \
--data "password = SECRET_PASSWORD"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri
-Method Post
-Body 'action=ipalogin&user=USER_NAME&password=SECRET_PASSWOR'


More details on the API are available in the API documentation