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INVAPI Control Panel

The control panel offers plenty of opportunities to automate routine tasks.

Key features:

  • Server search by IP, hostname, location and tags;
  • Instantly order servers and get access within 10-30 minutes;
  • Server management: reboot, power down and power up;
  • Network configuration: view settings, enable and disable NICs, block and unblock IPs, configure DNS RR;
  • Automatic installation and reinstallation of standard operating systems: OS: Centos, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows Server;
  • Set up access through SSH keys, automatic start of scripts after OS installation, http-colback;
  • Access to server management through DRAC or IPMI;
  • Access to the library of ISO images with various sets of software environments for quick installation of the required working environment;
  • Request to HOSTKEY specialists for urgent or routine work on your servers (remote hands);
  • Financial operations: balance replenishment, payment for services, requests for cancellation of services;
  • Statistics and monitoring: traffic usage statistics, including by individual IP, monitoring of performance and correct operation of equipment, server power status;
  • Add tags to the server card for flexible management of your infrastructure.

Use the menu on the left (click button for mobile version) to navigate through the section.