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Service (Server) Cancellation

You can cancel the service (server) at any time, in several ways:

Services (separate server) can be canceled at any time in the device's service control panel.

To cancel in the Invapi control panel you must:

  1. Go to the Billing tab in the specific server management menu:

  2. Click the Cancel service button.

  3. Describe the reason for the cancellation and select its type:


    For immediate cancellation, we will not refund the hours of actual server usage, including the time to provision the server itself, order software, and process the cancellation request (up to 12 hours). The unused balance will be returned to the customer's credit balance. Withdrawal of funds from the credit balance will be made in accordance with the our refund policy.

    In case of server problems, please contact technical support for assistance or server replacement.

  4. Click the Confirm termination button.


    You can cancel the service cancellation request in the Billing tab using the Revoke button: