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Payment terms and methods


All our services are paid for in advance.

VAT for our services

If you are a EU citizen or a company you have to pay VAT on every product/service purchased in the EU. VAT will be charged at the rate applicable in the EU country you are located.

If you are not a EU citizen or a company then the price remains without VAT (0% VAT).

If your company is VAT registered, you can claim all your VAT back from your local tax authorities. Alternatively, you can provide us with your business VAT registration number to avoid VAT charges.

How to pay for HOSTKEY's services


We accept payments via credit cards and customer's balance via PayPal.


We accept BITCOIN via online service.


WEBMONEY Transfer (WEBMONEY, WMT or WM). Payments in the system are made by means of so-called digital title signs, which are kept in the users' wallets. Our WM passport. WebMoney supplies free instruments for operation with the system and for making payments: Keeper Classic, Keeper Light web-application, WM Keeper Mobile and Keeper Mini site.


How to pay via WM? Place an order through our e-store.

  1. In the ordering process select WebMoney Transfer (WME) as a payment method and proceed to next step.
  2. You will be redirected to the WebMoney website to complete your payment.
  3. Open one of the instruments: Keeper Classic, Keeper Light web-application, WM Keeper Mobile or Keeper Mini site.
  4. Check all details on the WebMoney website and enter confirmation code.
  5. Click Confirm payment to transfer funds and to get redirected back to the HOSTKEY website.

Wire transfers

You can always pay for our services by SWIFT wire transfer. Bank details are available from our invoices.

When you are sending us a bank transfer, make sure you are the one paying the transfer charges. It should be OUR code in SWIFT instructions and not BEN or SHA.

Failing to do so means that we will deduct the transfer costs we incur from the amount you sent us. And the invoice won’t be fully paid thus leading to server suspension. Please, keep it in mind for future payments.

Account balance

If there are sufficient funds in the user's credit account, newly issued invoices will be paid automatically.