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SSH Key Storage in Invapi


For a detailed overview of SSH keys and their creation, please refer to our article on Generating an SSH Key.

To streamline your work with SSH keys in Invapi, we have introduced an SSH key storage feature. To utilize this functionality:

  1. Activate the dropdown menu adjacent to the user name and select SSH Keys:

  2. Click on the Add New Key button:

  3. Generate a public SSH key:

  4. Add the public key to the storage:

    In the User-friendly name field, you can enter any convenient title for the key, allowing for simplified management. By checking the box next to "Make it the default ssh key," this key will be used for server access by default.

  5. After entering the required information, click on the Add a New SSH Key button.

  6. If the data is entered correctly, the key will be added to the storage: