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KYC/AML verification procedure

Compliance with the law requires verification of customer data. The KYC/AML verification procedure allows you to secure data, as well as identify and establish the identity of the client. The data is used in case of copyright complaints and government requests.


This procedure is mandatory for all our clients.

The information must be relevant and correct. A work email address and mobile phone number must be provided. The data will be automatically verified. The exact information will speed up and secure the process of providing the service.


If the verification procedure is not completed within 30 days from the date of registration, placing new orders through will not be available. In case of a receipt of abuse notifications or a notification of a violation of the law, the services for unverified customers will be suspended. The refund will not be processed in these cases.


Refunds to unverified customers are not possible.

NB: We may request updated information from existing customers, or simply confirm previously provided data. Plenty of time will be provided. In our General Terms and Conditions, there is a clause emphasizing that Customer information should be full, legit and up-to-date.

Passing the KYC/AML verification

Upon authorization in the Invapi an invitation to pass the KYC procedure will be displayed (Know Your Customer)

It is also possible to pass the KYC procedure in the submenu of account management My profile:

To initiate the KYC procedure, please click on the Start KYC Verification button:

The KYC/AML verification consists of 4 steps:

  1. Identity document;
  2. Selfie;
  3. Phone verification;
  4. Email verification.

At the beginning of the KYC / AML verification procedure, you must confirm your consent to the processing of personal data:

At the first stage, you need to upload a scan or photo of an identity document:

The following types of documents are accepted:

  • ID card;
  • Passport;
  • Residence permit;
  • Driver's license.

The scanned document must be of high quality. Otherwise, you may need to reload.

At the second stage, you need to take a selfie.The photo can be taken either on a PC camera or using a mobile phone.

You can continue the verification procedure on a mobile using the Continue on a phone button. The system will offer various options for switching to a mobile device:

At the third stage, you need to confirm the phone number:

To complete the KYC/AML verification process, you need to verify your email address:

And confirm the correctness of the entered data:

Upon successful completion of the KYC/AML verification procedure, the following message will be displayed on the screen: