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IP ACL (Access Control List) white list is a list of allowed IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses that have access to a specific resource or network, while all other addresses are blocked. This mechanism restricts access to resources and protects them from unauthorized access.

To manage IP ACL, go to the User Name >> IP access list menu:

And specify the IP addresses. Multiple addresses can be added. If you need to add a block, you should specify it as This action will whitelist the entire network.

After that, click on the Update button:

If you want to update an existing list, add (or remove) IP addresses and click the Update button.


You can access the hardware from any IP address if no IP addresses are specified in the IP access list menu.


While managing IP ACLs, you should carefully check the data, as entering an incorrect IP address may block access to the server. The lock will be valid for the new token next time you log in. In case of such a problem, please get in touch with our technical support.

Example of IP addresses restriction, cURL:
curl -s "" -X POST \
--data "action=update_acl" \
--data "token=" \
--data "id=" \
--data "ips=" \