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HOSTKEY account registration

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Entering initial account details

  1. To register a new HOSTKEY account, go to Client Area and click on Create account. Fill in and enter your email address and password in the opened window. The password must consist of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols:

  2. Enter you legal First and Last names.


    Kindly ensure that you provide full and legit information. As part of our KYC procedure, additional manual verification may be carried out. If you provided false personal data your server might be canceled without a possibility of a refund.

Then you need to specify whether the account is registered for a company or an individual.

Register account as an individual


HOSTKEY does not provision services not allow registration from the citizens or residents of the following sanctioned countries: Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syrian Arab Republic, Cuba, Sudan, Libya, Turkmenistan, The Russian Federation, the Crimean Peninsula and North Korea.

If you choose to register an individual HOSTKEY account, then fill in the data for place of residence, ZIP code and phone number. A message will be sent to the specified phone number to verify the user. You must enter a secret word in the bottom line. It will be used to secure the account::

If data is entered incorrectly, the registration process cannot be continued. Enter the data in the required fields carefully.

After entering the data, you must consent to the terms of service and pass a security check – tick the checkbox I'm not a robot and pass the CAPTCHA test:


The CAPTCHA test may not be displayed properly depending on the region from which the registration proceeds. If you experience difficulties with the CAPTCHA during the registration process, you should use VPN to create an account. Before placing an order, you must disable the VPN.

Complete registration, press Create Account button.

Register account as a company

While registering a legal person HOSTKEY account, the registration number of the VAT payer is also indicated. Otherwise, the registration process is similar to that of a physical person.